Preparing Your Business for the New Digital Age


Conomica is the recruitment consultancy that provides the experts to guide your company through the new world of technological breakthrough

Every so often in the story of human development something comes along that fundamentally changes economy and traditional ways of life. In the 18th & 19th centuries, Industrial Revolution changed everything from industry to the transportation of goods and people, as steam driven devices were trumpeted as the wonder of the age; at the same time we were transformed from an agricultural society as cities grew. Now is the time for businesses to embrace a new wave of changes that the dawn of the digital age brings.

In order to keep abreast of the constant and rapid changes and be able to apply these advances in your business, you need to employ experts in their field. For that you will need an expert in this: Conomica.

Conomica is founded to provide businesses with a platform to engage expertise in Digital, Data Science, Analytics, Automation, Robotics, and Internet of Things. By focusing only on these areas the aim is to have the widest choice of experts as well as opportunities on a single platform globally.  At the core of the platform there is a matching algorithm that allows to select an initial set of experts that are most qualified for the role in a matter of seconds, making the whole process from locating initial candidates to hiring quick, efficient and at lower cost. Another advantage is that both parties can connect and directly discuss the engagement terms in more detail.

If Robotics, Automation, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things is transforming everything in both our workplace and our homes, similarly Conomica is transforming the recruitment industry. This is one of the most advanced recruitment systems you will find anywhere. It has been designed to take the stress, effort, time and expense out of the recruitment process by finding the most suitable candidates for your vacancy at the click of a button and at a lower cost versus many traditional recruitment agencies. That is progress!

Whatever industry sector your company operates in, you are going to need specialists to help you improve your business by incorporating advances in technology. The digital world is constantly in motion, going ever-forward, continuously changing as new ideas spring up to replace the old; to meet your customers’ demands you need to embrace the future. Conomica will help you achieve that!

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