Frequently Asked Questions

As an Expert, how do I improve my chances of being invited to apply for a job or a project?

The marketplace is competitive and the best way to improve your chances of being invited to apply and subsequently hired is to prioritise industry experience, value-chain areas and areas of expertise to no more than 3-4 areas or topics where you really have to offer the most. Highlighting too many areas will result in you being selected for too many jobs where you may be competing with candidates with deeper expertise and, hence, your chances of being hired will not be high.

As an Employer, how do I ensure that I am getting the best candidates?

Our matching and ranking system prioritises available experts per job and presents an initial selection for your consideration. Also, the job posting is active for one month allowing for new ones, who become available during this time, to be matched and, if ranked high enough, presented to you as well. The whole process is developed with the objective to provide you with available candidates who have the best fit for the job. However, it is not advisable to wait the whole month to make the selection. Experts may be identified for other jobs posted on the system and will no longer be available.

As a Company Expert, how do I benefit from registering with Conomica?

Companies with expertise may benefit from registering with us in a number of ways:

  • Registration with us will increase your market penetration by making you known to a wider number of companies who require your expertise. This could be useful for medium or small size consulting companies or the ones with some specialised technology.
  • Provided that being registered with us translates into successful projects, your cost of sales may decrease since companies will be reaching out to you after the initial matching and ranking.
  • You get access to a pool of potential employees since you can use the site for being considered for projects as well as act as an employer to find experts for your internal needs.