All businesses realise that in order to improve their performance, they must develop new ways of working, whether in digital transformation or deeper understanding of their data.

These initiatives are unlikely to succeed without skilled experts. We aim to be the first point of contact to match businesses with these experts, and provide our registered experts with the widest choice of opportunities tailored to their skills.

Our sophisticated matching system is not limited to individuals. Companies with relevant expertise are welcome to register as well.

Our Offering to Experts

We aim to have the widest choice of opportunities on a single platform.

You have a choice whether to respond to an opportunity or hold off for a better one

You will be contacted only if an employer expresses an interest in your credentials

Whether you are an individual or a company with expertise, you will be able to discuss the project, its terms and compensation with an employer directly.

For individuals, the registration is free. There is a nominal subscription fee for companies at £299 excluding VAT per year.



Tell us about your :

- areas of expertise

- industry experience

- terms preferences


- Your registration is reviewed by us

- We may contact you and suggest improvements

- From companies only, we receive a subscription fee


- We approve your registration

- You become available for posted jobs or projects