Conomica Helping Business Embrace the New Digital Age


Matching experts to business needs made simpler following launch of recruitment consultancy Conomica’s new website

As we stride onward into the 21st Century, Artificial Intelligence is developing rapidly permeating more and more aspects of our lives. And a debate ensues whether it will actually result in bringing down the humanity. There are distinguished academics and businessmen like Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and Bill Gates – people at the cutting edge of discovery and the advancement of human understanding – who insist publicly that we should be afraid of what Artificial Intelligence may bring. While proponents are optimistic and at least claim that they will be able to make computers that can understand languages and recognize objects as good as humans and, more importantly, reason as good as experts.

We are not there yet and regardless of the evolutionary outcome, now we are on a transformational path where advances in Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Robotics allow to create more effective medicine, perform mundane work releasing workforce to do something more productive and fun and make our lives more convenient.

Businesses large or small should make the most of these advances. If you want to get ahead in any field of industry then it is vital that you embrace it. If any company fails to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities for growth that new digital systems, IoT and automation offers it may lose its competitive advantage! Conomica makes it its mission to make a digital transition easier.

Conomica is a recruitment consultancy that is dedicated to sourcing experts in Digital, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation to contribute to the growth and success of businesses in the UK and around the globe. The new website they have just announced is in itself a leap forward in recruitment practices. In spirit of Artificial Intelligence and Automation, it uses algorithms to match a client’s job or project description with a list of experts, being individuals or companies, whose qualifications, skills and experience most closely match the stated requirements, making the whole process as streamlined as possible. From there, the two parties can connect directly and discuss the engagement in more detail.

It is time your company took advantage of the advances in the above mentioned areas made across the entire value-chain, specifically, in targeted marketing, optimal pricing, on-demand manufacturing, last mile delivery and preventive maintenance, to name just a few.  To make the most of what this new world has to offer you are going to need experts and, if you need to find experts, use Conomica!

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