Building The Conomica Project


The collaboration between recruitment consultants for the digital age Conomica and leading recruitment website builders Zero-One Design has produced something special.

In every field of human endeavour there comes an event that changes everything; a single moment, that might otherwise be lost in time, can be a catalyst for immense transformation in how we view that field and how we operate within it. Basically nothing will ever be the same again. Think about how impossible it was to run a mile in under four minutes or one hundred metres in under 10 seconds. Who would have believed we as a species would reach space, see across the galaxy or be able to view the tiniest molecule? Now, we’re not suggesting that what Conomica have done in conjunction with Zero-One Design is comparable to these momentous feats but, they do deserve some praise!

Conomica is a recruitment consultancy that is dedicated to help businesses in the UK and around the globe find experts in business applications of digital methodologies and techniques. They are focusing on: Data Science, Analytics, Digital Transformation, Automation, Robotics and Internet of Things, aiming to be the first choice provider of individual or company experts in these fields.

Five months ago Conomica approached leading website builders Zero-One Design with a proposal for a new type of recruitment site. They proposed a proprietary algorithm that takes a great deal of work out of recruitment by creating a shortlist of ideal candidates based on how closely their attributes match the job requirements. Conomica’s founder is someone with a great deal of experience in helping businesses to identify and address needs as well as recruiting experts with skills and experience to match these needs. Zero-One knew the idea would be sound.

To explain in basic terms, the Conomica’s database contains the details of candidates’ qualifications, skills and experience, formalised in a certain way. The client inputs the details of the vacancy, the software scores candidates applying hard as well as soft metrics and produces a shortlist of the closest matches between the vacancy and candidates, prioritising the ones with higher score.

As well as that, there is a bundle of other little tricks it has up its electronic sleeve. It also enables the two parties to discuss the details of the job or the project directly. They can also use this opportunity to negotiate terms of employment and remuneration and arrange for an interview. Zero-One are very pleased with the performance of the resulting software and Conomica are very pleased with their new website.

Running a recruitment campaign for businesses of any size, regardless of whether they have a dedicated HR department or not, can be a real pain. This new system can be a game-changer for hiring managers since it makes the whole process so much quicker and more straightforward. After all, isn’t that the whole point of technology?

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