About Us

Conomica is founded to streamline and automate the matching process of experts with businesses in the Digital economy while preserving a human element where it is still necessary. We aim to provide this service efficiently and at a lower cost to you.

Our staff has worked globally with companies across the entire value chain on a variety of projects in these new areas and is aware of business challenges that you face and corresponding needs for experts.

We also can assist you as an adviser on how to get on with a project in these areas with maximum reward and minimum risk.


Identify the best business area where to start the project or add experts

Estimate the benefits as well as risks and high-level timeline (business case)

Assess business readiness including internal resources

Identify the need for external experts whether individuals or companies

Questions remaining or want to discuss the assessment?

Please, contact us:

Phone: +44 (0)207 129 7476

Email: info@conomica.com